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About us
Gnomio is not a company. We are just a few moodle fans enjoying an unexpected success while offering free tools for the e-learning community.

We are hosting near ten thousand e-learning sites and every month we provide service to over 300.000 students at no cost.

Terms of Service
We provide this service at no charge and with no guarantees.

Server abuse, spamming, hacking, piracy and other illegal activities are forbidden.

We reserve the right to terminate and deactivate any site from our servers for these activities or for any inappropriate content posted to sites.

Capabilities and Restrictions
You may create as many sites as you need.

Unused sites will be automatically disabled after 30 days without a valid login (only a week if the site is empty).
Disabled sites will be permanently and irreversibly deleted from our backups three months later.
If you are an active donor your site will not be disabled.

There are no limits on bandwidth or disk space, but our resources are somewhat limited. If you publish very large media files on our server your site (and all neighbouring sites) may be sluggish.

If you are not a donor Moodle automated backups are disabled at your site. You may (and you must) create and download a manual backup of each of your courses, but all backup files are deleted twice a day. We do a full system backup instead of internal Moodle backups.

Please don't activate https login on your site. It will remain unreachable until our automated scripts disable that option once a day.

For security reasons you are not allowed to install your own themes and plugins, but feel free to suggest anything you like and we will review it. If it is of general interest and well maintained we will install it for all users.

Like most websites Gnomio uses cookies. Cookies are small text files held on your computer. They allow us to give you the best browsing experience possible and mean we can understand how you use our site.

By using our website you accept our use of cookies. Alternatively, you can manage them in your browser settings. Find out more about cookies.
Advertising and Donations
You may switch off the advertising on your site by making a donation using any of the PayPal buttons below. Please tell us your site name!

   Donate $19.95 $19.95 and get a month without ads on your site.

   Donate $49.95€ $49.95 and get three months without ads on your site.

   Donate $149.95 $149.95 and get a year without ads on your site.

You will have the same hosting, quality of service, restrictions and support.

If you become a donor for a year you will have some advantages:

  • Faster email sending every 15 minutes. Non donor sites run that task every two hours.
  • If you don't use it for a while your site will not be disabled during donation period.
  • You will have Moodle automated backups for every course. The backup process will exclude hidden and not recently modified courses
Remember - we are not a company. By donating you will be supporting site hosting and development, as well as helping us to give this service for free to other users who cannot afford it.
Advertising income is not enough to keep this running.

Please allow a couple of days to process donations.

Sorry, but we don't have enough people or resources to teach you how to use this tool or provide support for Moodle. We can only give you an easy and convenient way of hosting it.

However, there is a vibrant online community of Moodle users who respond to each other's inquiries. Also you may check the official docs, some manuals or lots of books.

If you need to configure your own Moodle server because you have special needs then probably we may help you.

You may contact us at

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